Investors Pay Criminals Again and Again

Crime pays, even when you are sitting in jail. Just ask Robert Joseph Mangiafico, Jr. He’s no Robert the Magnificent, but he knows how to make your money disappear in oil and gas investments. Mangiafico and his team at Premier Resources, as recently as November, were cold-calling Texas residents to offer investments in 61 oil wells in McClain County, Oklahoma. [...]

Football Stars, R&B Legends & Investment Scammers

Galveston, Texas has been home to explorer, Jean Lafitte, football star Dez Bryant, R&B legend, Barry White and convicted oil and gas fraudster, Daniel Christopher Walsh. Haven’t heard of Mr. Walsh? Heads up—just another criminal masquerading as an oil and gas investment expert. Fraudulent oil and gas investment schemes may not be as common as football in the fall, but [...]

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Texas Oil and Gas Scammer, Jailed at 78

Sitting in prison at 80 years of age, James VanBlaricum spent his life scamming oil and gas investors. In 1975 the SEC sued VanBlaricum and his company, Kimberly Oil and Gas, for fraud. VanBlaricum settled, and was enjoined from the securities business. By 2011, more than 10 years after he formed Signal Oil and Gas, the Illinois Security Department issued [...]

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Man Accused of Swindling Oil Investors Pleads Guilty

Man Accused of Swindling Oil Investors Pleads Guilty Wednesday Morning in Wichita County Court Original Article by Trish Choate, Wichita Falls Times Record News Published 11:51 a.m. CT July 10, 2019 | Updated 4:30 p.m. CT July 10, 2019 A man accused of bilking investors who thought they were funding oil wells entered a guilty plea Wednesday morning, halting his trial at [...]

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Oil and Gas Investments—There’s no Such Thing as a Guarantee

Guaranteed investment returns of 227% to 363% over six years. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not so fast. What if the oil and gas investment includes a guaranteed monthly stream of income for six years regardless of oil prices? Well, investors in 28 states took a piece of the action. During two years ending in 2016, 70 retail [...]

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BitQyck, Cryptocurrency Scam

Betty Crocker’s mixing bowl must be spinning out of control to hear that a company called BitQyck, Inc. (not to be confused with Bisquick™), has been scamming investors out of their hard-earned dough in yet another cryptocurrency securities investment fraud scheme. According to the SEC Complaint, a person investing $5,000 was supposed to receive “250,000 Bitqy Coins representing 25,000 shares [...]

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