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We work to exceed our clients’ expectations. For example, we were hired by a number of investors across the United States to sue two oil and gas companies, the salesmen and their owner, Wayne A. Rand, for over a million dollars. Mr. Rand had scammed so many investors that the Rockwall County, Texas District Attorney filed criminal charges against him in Case No. 2-09-336, in the 382nd Judicial District Court. Mr. Alexander was subpoenaed to testify at trial against Mr. Rand, as Mr. Alexander had intimate knowledge of Mr. Rand’s investment schemes. On January 24, 2011, Mr. Rand plead guilty to “theft over $200,000.00” and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. No doubt Mr. Rand did not want the jury to hear Mr. Alexander’s testimony about his knowledge of oil and gas fraud.

We know how the “bad guys” operate-

We understand how the “dark side” of the oil and gas business works. More than a decade ago we were asked to represent several Texas oil and gas companies, their “control persons” and salesmen in lawsuits filed by investors who resided all over the United States. At the time, we did not know of our former clients’ fraudulent operations; however, we gained valuable knowledge of their internal practices. Once we knew how they functioned, we stopped those representations, and made the easy decision to start helping investors who were victims of like-companies. So we know how the “dark side” operates — without their appreciation of our knowledge – and we use that to our client’s advantage. And it works.

Importantly, the bad guys have an established system to get your money. Some set up “boiler rooms”, where skilled telemarketers/salesmen “cold call” prospective investors and use high pressure sales tactics to convince people to invest their hard-earned money in oil and gas projects.

Most of our clients are surprised when we tell them many bad guys create a “three-ring binder” which provides scripts and instructions for their salesmen and closers. As a result, they know precisely what to say to you about the immediate need for you to invest in the oil and gas project; and the substantial return you should expect from their investment.

During that call, the salesman informs you he will overnight documents regarding this investment. A day or so after the salesman has made his pitch and has sent the documents, he turns over your information to a closer for the company. The closer’s sole objective is to get your money. Then you decide to invest. Months and months go by and you have not received a penny – or a tiny fraction of what you were told that you would receive. You call the company for an explanation. How do they respond? They have that covered, too. Most likely their infamous “three-ring-binder” has standard answers to temporarily address your concerns about your investment, to keep you at ease and keep you at bay. The following are some of the answers investors have heard from the oil and gas companies:

  1. “The weather has set us back several months.”
  2. “Some equipment unexpectedly broke, and it will take a few months to replace it.”
  3. “The landowner is giving us problems … but we are working with him.”
  4. “A problem with the title just came up, but we will fix it.”
  5. “The operator is not doing what he should which is causing a delay … so we are going to hire another operator.”

The schemers spend the investor’s money on extravagant personal items. In some of our cases, we discovered that investor funds were used to purchase diamond rings; a Lamborghini; a Mercedes-Benz; an entertainment room; a suite at the Dallas Cowboys stadium; a suite at the American Airline Center; numerous trips to Las Vegas; and finally, an outlandish wedding and reception in the Bahamas!

Also the bad guys pay their salesmen and closers a large percentage of the investor’s money as a commission … all without the knowledge of the investor. These large commissions provide a big incentive for the salesmen and closer to continue to cold call more people to extract money.

We work for you-

We enjoy pursuing justice and going after the bad guys.

Serving clients is our business. It’s that simple. And that complex. It is really all about value. The Firm’s clients value the confidence they feel when they work with our experienced oil and gas litigation attorneys. They value our vigilance, attention to detail and the success we achieve on their behalf. They especially value our commitment to service – when they need us- we’re available and responsive.

Client service is our business and as Oil and Gas Business Attorneys, we strive to be the best.

Our common endeavor: providing our clients with outstanding oil and gas litigation services that help them recover their money. Clients have confidence in us because of our commitment to excellence.

In summary, the firm offers proven oil and gas litigation expertise with:

  • Responsiveness
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Vigilance
  • Results

We strive to distinguish ourselves as oil and gas fraud trial lawyers by:

  • Achieving cost-effective and pragmatic results for our clients
  • Earn our client’s loyalty by doing what we say
  • Maintaining the highest professionalism and ethics in our discipline

It’s that simple.